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Thermolib Release 5.4. Designed to suit your needs.

What’s new in Thermolib Release 5.4?

The new Thermolib Release is now available for download.

Thermolib 5.4 is a major enhancement release.This release does not require any update of your models or any new licenses, provided that you have a 5.0 license available.

For questions about the functionality of Thermolib or request of quote for renewal of your Thermolib Software Maintenance Service please contact us.

Thermolib 5.4 contains the following improvements:
  • Compatiblity with MATLAB with R2012b to R2016b Ā (MATLAB R2016a is not supported)
  • Thermolib library model changed to .slx library format
  • Build environment updated to R2012b.
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